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Why building movement causes balconies and showers to leak? - Budget Seal

Most balconies and showers are going to leak at some time in their lifetime for one or more reasons. It is worth considering that waterproofing and construction methods have changed over the years. This has affected how effective waterproofing membranes can be. Natural building movement is a more common cause of balconies and showers leaking. The movement causes cracks, allowing water to leak through and cause further damage to your home. 

Causes of Leaking Balconies & Showers

Leaking balcony and showers are most commonly caused by building movement and settlement that causes the weakening or cracking of grout. The same reason can also cause the failure of the waterproofing membrane under the tiles. The movements typically occur between the joints in the floor and wall of the shower recess and/or balcony area.

Around 9 in 10 showers built into a stud wall are going to leak. This is because a gap forms between the tiled wall and the shower recess’ floor. Any vibration in the wall or expansion-contraction due to the movement of the building can cause this issue. Buildings can move due to many reasons, with the most common ones being changes in moisture levels and temperatures.

All homes are designed and constructed to allow some form of building movement. Your building is going to continue settle for years, at a gradual pace, after it has been constructed. And this movement and settlement are going to make minor changes over time. These changes can include:

  • Shifting of doors and windows
  • Hairline cracks
  • Detachment of skirting boards from the wall

The shower and the balcony are the two most common areas to get affected by this movement. The reason is simple – tiles and grout aren’t flexible. They are rather rigid and any building movement is going to cause separation between the wall and floor, howsoever slow the process may be. 

The result is that the sealant will get damaged and the grout will crack and may even fall out. Once this occurs water penetrates under the tiles and collects between the waterproof membrane and the tile. 

Common Signs of Shower or Balcony Leakage

If you are noticing any of the signs of leaking balcony or shower in your home, you should immediately seek help from professional experts at Budget Seal. We can provide full shower waterproofing, base shower seal, and leaking balcony repairs. 

The following signs should alert you about a leaking shower:

  • Bubbling paint on the walls
  • Missing wall or floor grout
  • Gabs in the wall and floor joints
  • Discoloured grout or tiles around the shower
  • Buckling floors
  • Water marks or damp marks on ceiling below bathrooms
  • Silicone around the shower getting dirty or deteriorating

The following signs should indicate a leaking balcony:

  • Cracks in grout or missing grout
  • Cracked tiles or loose tiles
  • Water stains on the interior or exterior finish of your balcony
  • White crusting on the grout lines in tiles
  • Peeling or split paint around the balcony
  • Increased difficulty in opening/closing doors and windows
  • Weakening of structural posts or railing

It is important to get a regular inspection of your showers and balcony. This can help identify potential issues and fix them in time before they create major problems that need expensive repairs.  At Budget Seal, we have years of experience in providing comprehensive shower and balcony sealing and repair services throughout Melbourne. Call us today at 1300 907 104 for more information about our services. You can also write to us in detail using our Online Form and we will be pleased to get back to you at the earliest.


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