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Is it OK to Shower After Applying Sealant?

aiims March 1, 2022

It’s a question that’s been debated by homeowners for years: can you shower after applying the sealant to your bathroom? On one hand, showering is a way of forcing the sealants deeper into the gaps and crevices of your shower base and bench. But on the other hand, if you shower too vigorously, that could […]

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Shower Repairs : What You Need To Know

aiims April 26, 2021

Bathrooms are some of the most used wet areas in your home. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that these spaces are also among the most problematic ones when it comes to leaks. This building defect can result in major damage to adjacent areas in your home and you may end up spending significant amounts to fix […]

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Expert Guide To Waterproof Your Bathroom

aiims March 11, 2021

Building defects are common in many structures in Australia and faulty waterproofing is among the most prevalent. Water leakages from bathrooms can cause a significant amount of damage, just as termites do. Here we will look at what is involved when you fix leaking bathroom and why bathroom areas need to have it. We will […]

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The Types Of Grouting Available For Your Project

aiims December 17, 2020

Tile is tough enough and retains its looks for years or even decades. It needs grout to hold its place. However, grout doesn’t perform like tile. It can erode, stain, crack, and get discoloured. Grout requires maintenance and the frequency of it depends on the type of grout you have. There are different types of […]

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Common Causes Of A Leaky Shower & Balcony

aiims December 11, 2020

There are many reasons why your shower or balcony may be leaking. One of the most common reasons is that the taps or pipes behind the walls have a leak. Even building movement can cause cracks in the grout and cause leaks. There can be other reasons as well. In this guide, we at Budget […]

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Why building movement causes balconies and showers to leak?

aiims October 7, 2020

Most balconies and showers are going to leak at some time in their lifetime for one or more reasons. It is worth considering that waterproofing and construction methods have changed over the years. This has affected how effective waterproofing membranes can be. Natural building movement is a more common cause of balconies and showers leaking. […]

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Why your balcony needs grout and sealer maintenance to stop your waterproofing membrane failing?

aiims October 7, 2020

Failing waterproofing membrane is the most common cause of balcony leaks. And the lack of proper and regular grout and sealer maintenance is the most common underlying cause. The membrane creates a barrier against water and there are many areas where it can fail, including wall upturns, balustrade, drains, and anywhere water can enter. Any […]

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How Mould and Its Spores Can Be Dangerous

aiims December 12, 2019

Mould is a sort of fungus that thrives in damp, dark areas and usually requires water as well as a natural and organic food resource to grow. It is totally different compared to other fungi, like mushrooms, in that it develops in smaller filaments known as hyphae, instead of the bigger capped kinds. Keep on reading to […]

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Reasons Your Bathroom Deals With Mould Issues

aiims December 5, 2019

Have the bathrooms in your house noticed better days? Are you beginning to discover small pockets and particles of mildew and mould spread throughout? Whilst you need to deal with these mould problems as soon as possible, it is also significant to know what triggers mould development that cause leaking bathroom so you can counter […]

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The Importance of Re-grouting and Sealing Before Selling Your House

aiims November 28, 2019

As part of getting ready to put your home for sale, it is essential to know which repair works and improvements are undoubtedly worth the price. Repairing tile as well as grout to sell your house is a reasonably economical undertaking that can deliver amazing results, assisting you to sell your house sooner and for […]

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