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shower leak repairs Archives - Budget Seal

Homeowners would often wonder why showers leak after seeming not generating any issues for a quite long time. In fact, bathroom waterproofing within the shower has most likely been failing for a few times and it is one anytime something turns out to be apparent that shower repair expert is called to identify a shower leak and examine the work which has to be performed. The following are some of the most frequent factors why your shower leak

  • Building Movement — Damp areas such as laundries and showers with tiles surfaces trigger more than eighty per cent of problems in both newer and older household and commercial premises. Even though there are numerous reasons for the problem of damp areas, one of the most frequently found is building movement or subsidence. This can be caused by the normal changes of a property over time or the changes caused in Australia by intense weather temperatures such as heavy rain or drought.
  • Grout and waterproof membranes breakdown — Like natural movement forces cracking in extensively used cement grout and even fractures in tiles. Building movement can also impact the water-resistant membrane underneath tiles and ultimately lead to the breakdown of grout which later results in water penetrating below the tiles. However, it is at this stage that the majority of homeowners discover an\ issue since damp spots or water leakages develop around frames, architraves and occasionally even on lower grounds or a building.

Common signs of a leaking shower:

  • Missing grout in the shower / bathroom floor or walls: A cement grout enables dampness to infiltrate and hinges to some extent on the stability of the waterproof membrane layer below the tiles. If you see any grout that is missing or cracked because of building movement or age this might well be an\ indication of a forthcoming water problem.
  • Water-stained timber underneath the dwelling or in the building’s sub-floor: Water stains frequently occur because of leaking showers or broken waterproofing.
  • Missing or cracked tiles: Damaged tiles, specifically in the shower floor, hob or in the first three rows of wall tiles are a typical cause of water issues and shower leaks which must be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Moldy odors: You may need to take care of the moldy odors in your bathroom plumbing. Something could not be right with the sewer line, however you can only identify the problem with the help of professionals
  • Soaked carpets: damp carpets or wet walls are usually brought by shower leakages and are an indication that the leak should be tended to immediately to avoid even more lasting damage.
  • Peeling paint: Flaky, half-cracked or damaged paint commonly point to a water leak especially whenever they happen in the bathroom or in surrounding rooms.
  • Damp or swelling and/or a mould development: in case timbers in the bathroom are humid or if there is a continual mould issue in the bathroom, then it signifies a water leak that has already been left untreated. In such instances, a comprehensive assessment and repair are definitely essential.

Budget Seal are specialists in repairing and sealing showers. Our process is performed without removing or damaging tiles. We are committed to using high-quality products that are resistant to cleaning products, wear and mould. When you employ our service, we will provide an all-inclusive repair and re-grouting service to stop your leaking bathroom or simply makeover your shower. Our simple process will give your entire shower that “new” look, and full use of your shower the very next day. Call us on 1300 907 104 for all Melbourne Suburbs!


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