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Waterproofing Frankston

When you are building your home, you mostly lay the maximum focus on the aesthetics. You choose the paint, light fixtures, furniture, appliances, etc. with utmost care. The not so apparent parts of the home are equally or even more important and need proper preventive maintenance measures to protect the structure of the property. When it comes to bathrooms, waterproofing is the superhero and protects the elements underneath the wall and the floor from damage that a leak in the faucet or the shower can cause. Bathroom and laundry area are the most susceptible to damage from moisture and hence are critical areas that need proper waterproofing. Water leaks that start from the bathroom very often make their way into the bedrooms or living rooms and thus result in damage at a much larger scale.

Waterproofing Frankston – Regulations You Must Be Aware Of

Bathrooms are a particularly tricky area of the house when it comes to construction. Many bathroom surfaces require waterproofing and this should ideally be done before the flooring or other appliances are installed. Australian building codes have given guidelines around the surfaces that must be waterproofed by an expert who holds the requisite certifications. These surfaces include:

  • Walls and floors adjacent to the shower
  • Spa floor
  • Bathroom floors of bathrooms that are not on the ground floor
  • Bathroom room that has wood
  • Steps that lead to the bathing or shower area
  • Bathroom walls

Budget Seal can provide you complete waterproofing solutions for all the above-listed surfaces. We have experts who are certified to provide the best waterproofing in Melbourne. We will lay waterproof membranes under all the surfaces and these high-quality membranes will protect the foundation and structure of your property.

Specialists You Can Trust – Shower Sealing Frankston

If you are constructing a new house or renovating your bathroom you must get the best waterproof membrane and shower sealing installed so that you protect your bathroom and your home from damages that a water leak can cause. The installed membrane must be compatible with the floor system, such as underfloor heating or the adhesives used. You can rely on the quality solutions provided by us at Budget Seal, as:

  • We care for our customers and understand their needs
  • Our technicians are experienced and possess the required certifications
  • We do proper diagnostics before providing a solution
  • We know how to choose the correct type of membrane for you
  • We provide a warranty for our services
  • We focus on long-term solutions and not short-term fixes

We have the experience and expertise to identify risks and issues in any wet area of the property. We are proficient with the application of all waterproofing products available in the market and use the best quality products. We also understand that the safety of our customers is of utmost importance and hence we use products that are non-toxic and do not pose any health risk.

Budget Seal is one of the leaders of waterproofing solutions in Melbourne and our capabilities are trusted by all our clients. You can give us a call on 1300 907 104 to book a free inspection or to get a no-obligation quote. Contact us today for expert advice.


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