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Shower Sealing in Melbourne

If you are renovating your shower, you might want to ensure that the contractor carries out the shower waterproofing properly. However, in case if the renovation is already complete but the contractor did not waterproof the shower or the waterproofing membrane is failing, you may need our services. At Budget Seal, we offer a wide range of shower repairing services and these include shower waterproofing. With quality materials and professional expertise, we would waterproof your shower as effectively as possible.

What is shower waterproofing?

Shower waterproofing refers to making the floor and the walls around the shower impermeable to water. In the past, most homeowners believed that installing tiles alone prevented water from passing through. However, tiles are not really waterproof and water from the shower can still pass through them.

A build-up of moisture in the structure of the property due to water seepage can eventually lead to severe structural damages. Waterproofing helps to avoid this issue by completely keeping the water sealed away. To waterproof a shower, one would have to install a waterproofing membrane over the walls and the floor.

Do you really need professional waterproofing services?

Well, whether you can waterproof your shower by yourself or need a professional’s assistance for it depends on which part of Australia you reside in. In certain localities, it is mandatory to hire a professional. However, even if your local regulations allow you to carry out the waterproofing by yourself, it is advisable to opt for professional services. This is because installing a waterproofing membrane is not a simple task. It is necessary to pay attention to several factors.

  • There is a wide range of waterproofing products. Choosing the right one for your bathroom is a key determining factor that impacts the longevity and effectiveness of the waterproofing.
  • During a renovation, the right sequence is crucial for effective waterproofing. It is necessary to apply the waterproofing material before laying the final finish on the floor or the walls.
  • For effective waterproofing it is important to apply the waterproofing material on all the necessary parts of the walls and floors, up to certain heights. Not doing so would leave certain portions of the bathroom vulnerable to water seepage.
  • The waterproofing needs some time to cure. Not leaving it to cure for long enough would render it ineffective.

All these small details play an integral role in ensuring that the waterproofing is actually effective. Quite naturally, you may not know the best practices to install a waterproofing membrane if you lack professional experience. This is why, hiring reputed companies like us for shower sealing and waterproofing is important.

How do you know if the current waterproofing is ineffective?

Often, homeowners do not know that their shower waterproofing is failing until the leaking water starts damaging the property. However, this is avoidable if you know what signs to look out for.

  • If the floors and the inside walls grow damp, they would attract the growth of mildew and mold.
  • Signs of water seepage around the floor or the structures are a clear indication that the waterproofing may have become ineffective.
  • If the floor tiles seem to move or emit squelching noises when you step on them, chances are that they have become loose. A common reason behind loosened floor tiles is leaking water seeping under them.
  • If any timber studs around the shower seem to be suffering from water damage, you might want to check the waterproofing.

In case it turns out that the waterproofing is ineffective, you have two options. You may demolish the walls and the floors by removing all the tiles and clear the surfaces so that you can apply the waterproofing membrane once more. The other option is to hire and get the surfaces coated with a layer of epoxy. To contact Budget Seal, simply call us at 1300 907 104.

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