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Perimeter Tray Seal

If you are carrying out bathroom waterproofing in your home, make sure to waterproof the perimeter trays as well. In case the old sealant has become ineffective or the tray was not sealed properly in the first place, it could lead to several problems. However, we, at Budget Seal, can help you out. Our professionals have extensive experience in carrying out waterproofing and sealing jobs effectively and efficiently.

Why is the perimeter tray seal important?

The perimeter tray ensures that the shower water flows directly to the drain and does not spread to the rest of the bathroom. The most important purpose of the tray is therefore, to ensure that the rest of the bathroom floor remains dry. The raised perimeter prevents the water from spilling over. The floor of the tray tilts in such a way that the water automatically flows in the desired direction.

The perimeter tray of your shower plays an important role in waterproofing it. The tray collects the water from the shower, preventing it from even reaching the waterproofing membrane, considering that you have one installed. Now, homeowners often wonder what the use of the shower tray is if they have already applied a membrane. Well, think of the tray as an added layer of protection. It helps to keep your property safe from structural damage due to water seepage.

Ideally, the tray should stay sealed tightly to the wall. However, when the seal deteriorates, it results in gaps. This is when the water starts to leak out of the shower tray.

How do we fix an ineffective perimeter tray seal?

Fixing a failing perimeter tray seal involves several steps, for which professional training, experience and equipment are necessary. Here is how leading companies like us fix deteriorating perimeter tray seals:

  • Choosing the right sealant is very important. There are various types of sealants, meant for different surfaces. We generally use a powerful silicone sealant that stays in place for a really long time.
  • Before applying fresh sealant, it is necessary to keep the area completely clean. We remove any inferior sealant that may be present in the gap and clean out all the dust and dirt. For the new sealant to apply properly, it is crucial to remove even the tiny particles.
  • Once the tray and the wall are clean, we would apply the sealant using a silicone application gun. We insert an even bead of silicone into the gap between the tray and the wall to effectively seal the gap.
  • You would not have to worry about the silicone bead looking add as we would smoothen it out. Using a silicone sealant application tool, our professionals make the bead neat and even, without any gaps.
  • Once the bead is in place, it needs some time to cure. We would leave it that way so that the silicone bead effectively seals the gap. Usually, it requires a curing period of 24 hours. Our team would let you know when you can start using the shower again.

By following the best practices and using the right equipment, we can seal perimeter shower trays to the walls effectively.

Why is professional expertise necessary?

Several factors make it important that an experienced professional takes care of this job. For instance, one might apply the sealant very carefully as any excess sealant can result in unsightly mounds. It is also hard to remove silicone sealant if case someone applies it over carpet or furnishing. Choosing the right tools, nozzle size and sealant is crucial too. To hire the professional services of Budget Seal for shower sealing, just call us at 1300 907 104.

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